Natural Phenomena 20.07.2023

Monument of Valchan Voivoda and Rayuvski cromlechthe

The Rayuvski cromlech and the monument of Valchan Voivoda are located in the village of Rayuvtsi, in the beautiful Elena Balkan, next to the shores of the Yovkovtsi Dam and about 30 km from the city of Veliko Tarnovo.

In 2015 the first monument to the legendary Valchan Voivoda, lived 88 years (1775-1863), was erected in the area known as Valcha Polyana. In these lands there are still many legends about his exploits, so how he defended the population during the ottoman rule and how much he did for the liberation of Bulgaria. The erected monument is impressive, and along and below it you can read interesting information about his life.

Close to the monument is the Rayuvski cromlech. The cromlech are large stone blocks, lined up in a circle and used for the cult rituals of the ancient Thracians (according to the surveys date from 8-6 b.c.). The Rayuvski cromlech was built in 2017 in the likeness of cromlech Stonehenge, England. Each stone is specially processed and recorded a great thought or quote to touch the visitors.

Apart from the cromlech, you can rest on a bench under the ancient oak, and then visit the temple “St. Petka Turnovska “. On the hill there are also two gazebos, where you can dine and admire the natural landscapes.

The construction of this complex is the work of a patriotic bulgarian and is made with the help of donors.